Our AI Policy

AI, or artificial intelligence, is the talk of the town these days. It’s being lauded as a faster and cheaper alternative for all kinds of tasks, including professional creative ones. While we might agree that some tasks would be great to offload to these “bots” – like laundry, dusting, and taxes – we do not agree that it is a replacement for human creative pursuits, such as art, visual design, and writing.

In our opinion, AI’s appropriateness as a “generative” tool is ethically questionable because AI, in its present form, can output only what information has been put into it. Anything it produces is referenced from a database of information that may or may not have been ethically procured from its source – how can we possibly know? – potentially opening the door for plagiarism and fraud.

What’s more, it cannot empathize, visualize, or emote. It cannot be inspired. Nor can it share in the human experience from which all art and creative pursuits derive. 

Therefore, out of respect for our own craft (which amounts to 40+ years of experience in graphic/visual design) and the creativity and creative efforts of our author clients, we do not use generative AI tools, or generative AI features that are part of some software, to produce designs or content for our website or theirs.

Also as part of our commitment to the value of human creativity, we will not knowingly build websites for persons who use AI to “author” or “write” books.