About Our Author Theme

If you’re an author – published or aspiring – in need of a website, you’ve come to the right place!

For more than 15 years, Austin DesignWorks has worked with authors to improve or establish their web presences using our WordPress theme designed specifically for authors. 

Jennifer L. Hart, author

Our unique theme has evolved a great deal in that time, growing more robust in function and features, maturing alongside WordPress, and adapting to author needs that have changed and expanded.

The standard/stock theme covers the needs of most authors out of the box, and accommodates growth, meaning it is designed to work for established authors with a large catalog of books or just a few, and even for yet-to-be-published authors.

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Things You Can Do

These are tasks a client can perform, without assistance, on a website that uses our author-dedicated theme:

  • Add books
  • Add bookseller buy links
  • Add pages for book series or book groupings
  • Change the name of a book series
  • Add main books page
  • Add page for large print and/or audiobooks
  • Add genre pages
  • Add pen name pages
  • Manage the order of series
  • Manage book order (in a numbered series)
  • Add section for Translations or translation links (non-English language or regions)

Check out some of the live author sites we’ve built to see how our clients are using the theme’s features!

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Include Book Info

The Book Page template supports you adding more than the title, cover, description, and links. You can also include…

  • Audiobook information
  • Publishing information
  • BookBub & Goodreads links
  • Reviews
  • Trailer
  • Excerpt (Kindle Preview or site page)
  • And more!

Check out some of the live author sites we’ve built to see how our clients are using the features!

View our portfolio of Author Websites

Booksellers & Buy Links 

The theme’s robust bookseller Buy Links system focuses on flexibility and clear purchase options via text links vs a confusing clutter of icons. It aims to meet a broad range of needs, whether you’re selling books only in the U.S. or in the U.S. and other English or non-English regions.

The BEST part? Use ONLY the features you need or want to use!

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Key Features
The system includes fields for mainstream bookseller links, icons for select booksellers, text links sorted by format, a place to add more booksellers as text links, as well as a prominent button for a link for people to buy directly from you (if applicable). It also includes a special presentation for Kindle Unlimited links and a feature to auto-populate affiliate IDs for some booksellers in the system.


Contact us if you’re interested in selling your books, swag, or other products directly from your website.

In Development

A Landing/Marketing Page Feature
Create distraction-free landing pages for goal-focused marketing campaigns. Use them to capture newsletter signups, offer a free book, promote specific book sales and deals, and more.

This will be a premium feature that can be integrated into an existing author site using the responsive author theme, or be included with a new site built in the theme. The price is to be determined.

Have translations?

If you have a lot of books translated into a single, non-English language – such as German or French – and want to have a website devoted to that language, we have good news! 
We have a version of our custom author theme for that!
Check out this live example of a site in Deutsch/German

Need or want help? We're here.

Although we set up sites for our clients to manage themselves, we happily lend a hand to those who prefer to be hands off via our Website Wellness plans for those who need frequent assistance, or à la carte updates for who only occasionally need help. 

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