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Built in our author-dedicated WordPress theme

Author have specific needs. Austin DesignWorks' WordPress theme is designed to meet them. Author have specific needs. Austin DesignWorks' WordPress theme is designed to meet them.

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A theme created for authors...

Our WordPress theme has been designed with author needs specifically in mind. It is the product of more than 15+ years’ experience in creating websites for both published and aspiring authors and writers.

The theme uses a fill-in-the-blank approach vs. a page builder with the goal of making your site easier to manage, letting you focus on content instead of wrangling with formatting and layout.

Key features include…

– Responsive design
– Templates for books & series pages
– Set order of books & series
– Auto-population (of key book info)
– Robust system for bookseller links
– Support for translations
– & much, much more!

Use all the built-in features or keep it simple.
It’s all up to you!

How much does it cost?

We base our quotes on individual project specs, so we’ll need some info from you in order to provide a quote for your project.

Quotes are free and our rates are reasonable, and we can schedule a consultation via Zoom to talk about your project if you’d like.

What our author website clients are saying...

Greta Rose West, author
Greta Rose West, author"If you’re an author and you’re tired of banging your head against WordPress walls, or your website isn’t doing what you need it to, you have found the right company! When Dawn at Austin DesignWorks rebuilt my site using her made-for-authors template, my life got much easier."Greta Rose West, author
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Tracey Livesay, author
Tracey Livesay, author[The Austin DesignWorks' team] is extremely knowledgeable and efficient in responding to my queries and requests. In addition to their skill and professionalism, they’ve created an author website template that looks fantastic to the public but is easy to navigate behind the scenes. I can’t imagine trusting my website to anyone else. Tracey Livesay, author
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Ramona Flightner, author
Ramona Flightner, author[My new website] is beautiful and perfectly tailored for my author business. The best part? Not only is my webpage inviting to readers, but it is practical for me to use. I easily upload new books, blog posts, and keep my home page fresh.Ramona Flightner, author
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